The Castle of Gingins went through numerous works of development, consolidation or modernization. Those helped bring more comfort to the property, refine its look and provide all the characteristics of a large mansion.

The Castle

Thanks to its cycles of renovation, the castle is in excellent condition. It is fitted with modern and practical settings such as an alarm system, a central heating and a heated swimming-pool. To be precise, the mansion offers more than 1000m2 of inhabitable rooms divided into 14 rooms among which 8 bedrooms, several living areas such as the main living room, the library, a vast kitchen and wine cellars.

The first level of the Castle offers large volumes between a patio and a large terrace:

The first floor combines reception areas and living spaces:

The second floor has many more intimate living spaces:

Old stables and garages make up the majority of the outbuildings on the ground floor:

A large open space offers many opportunities for development:

Located on the second level of the outbuildings, one can find a complete apartment:

The outbuildings

The outbuildings, in their rural architecture, host sumptuous stables and a huge upholstery. They are perfectly suited to be converted into apartments, exhibition or concert rooms as well as sports areas. They already include an indoor pool and hot tub.