As a mansion, the Castle of Gingins only needs to be tamed. With imagination, each piece of the castle stimulates creativity and reveals broad potentialities for development.

When imagination inspires your dreams

Whatever the era, whoever the owner, the Castle of Gingins has always been able to fit new styles and comply with requirements. Once again, it is ready to make your biggest dreams come true. To spur inspiration, we propose different installation patterns that will reveal the potential of the multiple rooms of the castle.

The main living room, the real heart of the house opening onto the terrace

The rotisserie, a location that inspires both the joy of living and the joy of sharing unique moments

The dining room, adapted to both simple occasions and reception of guests

The living room, an ideal location for intense discussions with family or friends

The bedroom, both spacious and intimate

The swimming pool, a real place to relax and contemplate

Nowadays, the vast spaces that make up the Castle of Gingins are fully prepared to accommodate the biggest dreams of its future owner.